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Vykort (2015)

CD + sleeve with artwork by Sanna Haverinen and Henning Lindahl. Based on eight poems by Gunnar Ekelöf.

150 SEK including postage

Vykort Grande (2015)

Limited and framed edition with 50 numbered copies of the artwork in LP-size. Comes with a CD.

350 SEK + postage

The Violin (2012)

CD + booklet with text and photographs by Po Tidholm. Artwork based on a short film by Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim

150 SEK + postage

Belgrade Tapes (2010)

CD + Book with (unsung) lyrics by Annika Norlin and photos by Elias Lindén and Rikkard Häggbom

169 SEK + postage

Puerto (2008)


149 SEK + postage

Puerto de Oro (2008)

CD + DVD with Erik Torell's film from the recording session

279 SEK + postage

Happy jazz, please (2006)


120 SEK + postage

Oskar Schönning (2004)


120 SEK + postage


Fold-a-matics are covers unlike anything else. Covers you assemble yourself. This is how it works:

You order a postcard to the record and release you're interested about. We send it to you with the classic postal service. The postcard works as a front-side to the cover. You also get a link on the postcard which you can use to print out and origami-fold your own construction which works as a holder to the card. The created pocket contains even more art, text and info and can even host a cd if you'd want to go all out and burn a cd. All you need is access to a computer with a plain old printer.

Postcard/cover for Puerto

29 SEK + postage

Postcard/cover for Other birds

19 SEK + postage

Postage within Sweden

Up to four albums can be sent in the same parcel! (Puerto de Oro is here to be seen as two albums.)

33 SEK

Postage outside Sweden

Two albums can be sent in the same parcel.

50 SEK